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Wire Rope Cable Construction Guide


6 x 25

Six-strand construction, with 25 wires per strand. It’s more resistant to fatigue than the 6 x 19 classes, because of the six added filler wires in the gaps. A general, all-purpose uses cable.

  • Balanced abrasion and fatigue resistance
  • Most flexible in its class
  • Excellent service for moderate sheaves and drums        

Cable widely used as excavator, fishing or frag rope. Variety of applications in oil wells and oil fields as drill lines. Commonly used as ropes in elevators, and on cranes, hoists and derricks. 

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6 x 37

Six strands, with as many as 49 wires per strand, depending on diameter, provide this cable class with superior fatigue resistance. It’s a versatile cable, capable of use in high-speed reeving winches.

  • Resistant to abrasions
  • Fatigue-resistant
  • Highly flexible

Applications include ropes on overhead and mobile cranes, towing lines, steel mill cranes, mooring ropes and holding or closing lines for grab cranes and an assortment of other general engineering applications.

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7 x 19

This cable is also commonly known as aircraft cable. It’s one of the strongest and most flexible cables, with the greatest amount of stretch quality. Constructed of seven strands, with 19 wires per strand.

  • Fatigue-resistant
  • High flexibility
  • Versatile all-purpose cable

Suitable in a wide variety of applications. Typically used on pulleys, such as those found on garage doors, gym equipment or other control cables. Can be used as winch rope and in wire rope slings.

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19 x 7

Contains six strands laid around a core strand in in one direction, surrounded by 12 outer strands laid in the opposite direction. This construction gives the cable its non-rotational quality. 

  • Good wear resistance
  • Rotational stability
  • Crush-resistant       

Ideal for hoisting unguided loads. Commonly used on tower cranes and as helicopter hoist ropes. Common applications include rope for whip hoists, pillar cranes, deck cranes and offshore cranes.

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