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Durabilt Lever Binder


Description - Durabilt
- DURA-LOK Unique feature (DB-I & DB-II) Prevents the clevis from
  spreading under "extreme pull" situations.
- Drop Forged Clevis & Tongue.
- Both Hooks Swivel 360º.
- W.L.L. is forged into Hooks and Handles.
- Binder toggles away from load.
- 100% Proof Tested.
- Great All Purpose Binders made to endure.
- Durabilt's Load Binders meet all DOT (Department of Tranportation),
  CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Carge Securement
  Guidelines), CCMTA (Canadian Council of Motor Transport
  Administration) requirements. 


Min/Max Chain Size (in)3/16-1/45/16-3/83/8-1/21/2-5/8
Work Load Limit (lbs)2,6005,4009,20013,000
Minimun Break Strength7,80019,00028,00045,500
Handle Length (in)11.75161818
Take-Up (in)
Weight Each (lbs)491316


Durabilt Lever Binder
Item# Lever Binder
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