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Flame Resistant Work Wear

20% Off Flame Resistant Clothing

The safety of you or your employees is priority number one at Wilkof Industrial. Recent safety data shows the leading cause of severe burns and fatalities is not the ignition itself. Instead, it’s the individual’s clothing. Non-flame resistant clothing can continue to burn for as long as a minute.

Ron’s Workingman’s Store provides a wide line of Carhartt and Wrangler brand flame-resistant outerwear, jackets, shirts and pants to help protect you should an accident occur.

By design, FR clothing is made to self-extinguish. All of our FR clothing is rated to meet a host of workplace fire safety standards, including those proscribed by the National Fire Protection Association, the American Society for Testing and Materials and Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


Wrangler Flame Resistant Apparel 

Wrangler Flame Resistant ClothesWrangler® Flame Resistant apparel is constructed from flame resistant fabrics and components to protect against burn injuries in the workplace and is designed to meet the rigorous requirements specified by major protection agencies.

Carhartt FLAME RESISTANT clothing

Carhartt Flame Resistant Logo

Carhartt Flame-Resistant clothing helps protect workers from burns caused by electric arcs or flash fires. It's also treated with flame-retardant chemicals so it self-extinguishes as soon as any source of ignition is removed. Our flame-resistant clothing meets NFPA-70E, ASTM and OSHA standards, and delivers the durability, comfort and practicality that America's workers have come to expect from Carhartt.






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