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Alloy Chain Slings

Grades of Chain

  • 100 Alloy = 25% More Work Load Limits

NOTE: All of our alloy chain slings are certified and meet OSHA and ASME requirements.

How To Measure

Chain sling length is the combined reach of sling leg and of master, commonly referred to as bearing to bearing.
NOTE: The use of chain slings with a leg angle of less than 30° from horizontal is not recommended.


Chain Sling Type Naming Code

Basic chain sling configurations are often described using a code. Naming conventions have many exceptions and vary among manufacturers.

First Letter

It often designates the number of legs or branches:

S = Single leg sling with one branch
D = Double leg sling with two branches
T = Triple leg with three branches
Q = Quadruple leg sling with four branches


It normally designates the fitting at the top of the chain sling:

O = Oblong shaped master link
S = Sling hook
G = Grab hook
B = Basket with oblong master sling


It designates the fitting at the bottom of each branch:

S = Sling hook
G = Grab hook
LK = Sliding choker
BK = Self locking
F = Foundry hook

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